In a period of crisis, inequalities in contemporary society have become more apparent and problematic. Therefore, the pandemic provokes research works that explore fresh perspectives on various cultural aspects that underlie the formation of inequality. INUSHARTS 2020 aims to inspire scholars, researchers and practitioners to examine the intersectional discourses of inequalities in all of its manifestations and understand the changing face of inequalities before and after the pandemic.

INUSHARTS 2020 brings together leading academic scientist and research scholars to exchange experiences and research results on a variety of issues concerning cultural heritage and museums. This annual international symposium also serves as an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss most recent innovations and trends. It is also significant to discuss the challenges and solutions adopted in cultural heritage and museum management, particularly in this time of crisis.

In many international scholarships, there have been debates on human’s relationship with nature as we face a variety of ecological crisis. The pandemic has evoked fiercer debates on this issue due to the urgency of a more sustainable livelihood. The symposium is expected to be a platform to provoke challenging ideas on how we perceive environmentality from the perspectives of the humanities. INUSHARTS 2020 invites research works on issues concerning the environment particularly those that are related to the time of crisis.

In “beyond the information era,” people consume an abundance of information in a non-structured and most of the time non-regulated manner due to the chaotic nature of digital technology. Thus, the ability to locate and evaluate information critically and effectively is crucial, particularly during the pandemic. INUSHARTS 2020 invites academic discussions on information literacy through interdisciplinary perspectives to explore all aspects, possibilities, and challenges.

Language enables relation and interaction with other people in a community and issues concerning these social and cultural aspects of language have been thoroughly investigated in a wide variety of research works. INUSHARTS 2020 invites scholars and researchers to explore the relationship between language and community from interdisciplinary approaches. The goal is for the symposium to become a platform to discuss how language works in a society particularly to build solidarity responding to the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19.

The study of the state’s historical trajectory particularly in the Indonesian context has become a platform to understand present issues including the recent crisis or pandemic. By dissecting the social, political and cultural events in the past, the goal is to engage critically and evaluate how power relation works in the construction of historical narratives of the state. INUSHARTS 2020 invites presentations on research works that problematise issues concerning the moments of history and formation of memory from an interdisciplinary approach.

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