Presentation Guidelines

Due to the pandemic, INUSHARTS 2020 will be held virtually and the committee has prepared basic guidelines for the panel sessions. To make sure the conference runs effectively and in response to our overwhelming virtual or digital experiences for the last few months, for the panel sessions, the presenters will submit a video presentation accessible for all participants before the dates of the conference (29 September – 1 October 2020). This way, participants will be able to watch the presentations and during the three days conference, the panels will focus on discussions to be done via Zoom with a moderator (one of the panelists). Be creative is the key to present your findings in video presentation.

  1. Presenters sends 1 (one) presentation video
  2. Presenters are given the freedom to be as creative as possible to present their research findings in the video. The presentation video should cover:
    • Introduction
    • Research problem/questions
    • Method
    • Analysis
    • Conclusion
    • End Credit (sources of materials used in the video)
  3. The video has to be in English with a duration between 5 to 8 minutes in HD (High Definition) with a minimum resolution of 720p (1280×720 px) or in FHD (Full High Definition) with a maximum resolution of 1080p (1920×1080 px).
  4. The video should be recorded in a landscape (horizontal) format with a clear audio.
  5. The video includes INUSHARTS 2020 logo on the top left corner of the video (download logo from this link). Please look at the examples of the logo position
  6. All the presentation videos will be broadcast on YouTube. Please pay attention to YouTube’s guidelines copyright. Check these links for further information:
    Youtube Community Guidelines | Frequently Asked Copyright Questions
  7. The file name for the video should be: Panel Code_Submission ID_Title of ArticleExample: HER_27140_The Border of Tarumanegara Kingdom
  8. The video has to be uploaded via Google form:
  9. Examples of presentation videos (for your references)
    Video sample 1 | Video sample 2 | Video sample 3 | Video sample 4 | Video sample 5 | Video sample 6 | Video sample 7
  10. Video submission deadline : 31 August 2020, 11.59 PM


Be super creative and get a chance to win the Best Presentation Video Awards at INUSHARTS 2020!