Organizing Committee

Prof. Melani Budianta, Ph.D
Prof. Melani Budianta, Ph.DSteering Committee
Manneke Budiman, Ph.D.
Manneke Budiman, Ph.D.Steering Committee
S.M. Gietty Tambunan, Ph.D.
S.M. Gietty Tambunan, Ph.D.Steering Committee
Ghilman Assilmi, M.Hum
Ghilman Assilmi, M.HumConference Director
Adhe I. Djajaatmadja, S.S.
Adhe I. Djajaatmadja, S.S.Secretary
Dr. Maria Regina Widhiasti
Dr. Maria Regina WidhiastiKeynote & Plenary Coordinator
Chaidir Ashari, M.Hum
Chaidir Ashari, M.HumPanel Session Coordinator
Mulyani, S.E.
Mulyani, S.E.Treasurer
Julia Wulandari, M.Hum
Julia Wulandari, M.HumProsiding Coordinator
Yudi Bachrioktora, M.A.
Yudi Bachrioktora, M.A.Virtual Session Coordinator
Pratidina Sekar P., M.Si(Han).
Pratidina Sekar P., M.Si(Han).Registration Coordinator
Lisda Liyanti, M.A.
Lisda Liyanti, M.A.Journal Publication Coordinator
Danang Aryo Nugroho, S.Hum
Danang Aryo Nugroho, S.HumIT & Logistic Coordinator

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